USD/CHF Forex Trading Analysis/Idea for 3/5/18

As we begin the new trading week of 3/5/18 I am looking at this beautiful setup on the USD/CHF pairs.

This pair has been on a down-trend and should continue to fall.

Right now (as of closing in the markets) we are in a correction.

USD/CHF Trading Analysis

I suggest waiting for the correction to finish upwards.

It should hit resistance between the 0.93972 (38.2% Fib Level) or 0.94150 (50.0% Fib Level) and reverse to the downside.

Profit Target 1 would be around: 0.92993

Profit Target 2 would be around: 0.92482

Here is what the USD/CHF setup looks like at the current moment (3/3/18 markets currently closed)


USD/CHF Trading Analysis
USD/CHF Analysis for 3/5/18


Like mentioned in the past, this is simply an idea based off of the skill-set I have acquired while trading Forex. The markets will do what the markets will do, but this is a high percentage trade that should follow the technical analysis shown.

Happy Trading!!

Armando Arias


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Disclaimer: If you do decide to take this trade, please know it is at your own risk. This is simply an idea. Past profits do not guarantee future profits.

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